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When you contact Don Wells Financial Inc. you will be assisted with the selection of Insurance product(s) that best suit your needs and budget.

When you contact Don Wells Financial Inc. you can arrange to have an appointment to have a thorough assessment of your Insurance needs completed. Don will be pleased to assist you by recommending the proper insurance coverage and plan type that best suits your needs. There is no charge for this initial assessment so call today to arrange you appointment.

About Don Wells

Don Wells C.L.U. has been in the Insurance Industry for over 40 years starting as a career agent with Canada Life Assurance Co. During the subsequent years’ broker arrangements were made with other major Insurers to enable Don to meet his Client’s needs by offering the best Insurance products available at the time. In the 1980’s Don formed Don Wells Insurance & Investment Services providing Insurance and investment products to both Individuals as well as Business clients. As the business continued to grow Don Wells Financial Inc. was formed in April 2006.

Due to the volatility of the markets and desire to focus more on the Insurance services a decision was made to sell this part of the business in 2011.

Currently Don works from his home office assisting his many Insurance clients and their families. He is also privileged to meet new prospective clients that are referred to him from time to time.

Don resides in Lower Truro and is happily married to his wife Darlene of almost 21 years.

My Personal View of the Insurance Industry

The Life Insurance Industry first and foremost is about people. Over the years that I have had the privilege of working in this wonderful business I have seen first hand the difference that we can make in people’s lives when an Insurance claim cheque is delivered to help in the time of financial need.
As a representative of the Insurance Industry I have had many opportunities to assist my clients when a loved one has passed away or when a person is out of work due to an accident or a sickness. There are a lot of anxious moments when one has experienced a loss but soon after financial reality sets in as life continues. Money will never replace people but it certainly gives them time to adjust to the changes in their lifestyle going forward.
For me personally this is what the Insurance Industry is all about, creating cash flow and paying off financial obligations when a client has suffered an unexpected loss. Families and Businesses can continue when adequate Insurance is in place to meet these needs."

~Don Wells, C.L.U.

Our Purpose

To bring awareness about the importance of owning proper Insurance coverage and to provide solutions that will provide financial stability following a personal loss caused by death, sickness or accident.

Our Goals

To operate our business with integrity, respecting the confidential nature of our client’s personal information.
To offer Insurance recommendations that best suit our client’s needs.
To network with other professional advisors to provide clients with estate planning services as required.